HOLLA ON THE GO: I am in egypt

I am in egypt , and i have been sexually harassed in the streets since i was 12 ! but today i am telling a story about being bullied and called names by a group of women “beggars i think” for feeding a cat ! here beggars are organised and they are like gangs some of them make fortunes from begging and this is very common here. one of them started shouting at me when she saw me feeding a stray hungry cat dry food. i told her that this is not her business ! so she started calling me names ! this was very threatening and it could be dangerous . the problem is that here most of people do not care for animals and when i told the story on some of the pages of my city on fb , i was blamed for feeding the animals cu humans are better than animals and more worthy !!!! this happened in maawia street off saaiid street . tanta , egypt. at 8 pm , on thursday 21 february