Staying Safe at your Turkey Trot Run

Everyone loves a good turkey trot. A fun time to run around in silly turkey-themed-gear prior to the big meal.


Although running gives us an endorphin-filled escape, for many people running doesn’t always feel safe. According to Runners World, 68% of women reported being harassed in public spaces like streets, trails, and parks. 

We chimed into the conversation in Runner’s World Magazine to give runner’s tips on how to respond if they experience harassment — and how to respond if they witness it


As our executive director Emily May says, “Ultimately, there is no perfect response to harassment,” May says. “Because it is their responsibility not to harass you, not your responsibility to have the perfect response to harassment.” 


If you know any runner’s in your life — do them a favor and forward them these articles. They need to know they aren’t alone. There are real solutions. And you’ve got their back.


This year we provided 677 bystander intervention trainings to 10 sporting organizations and institutions. Often times, trainees didn’t even realize how severe a problem it was before the training, and 97% of attendees said they would intervene next time they saw harassment happening (3% said maybe). To help us continue this work in 2020, donate now.

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