HOLLA ON THE GO: I want to share a situation…

I want to share a situation I experienced today. At about 5pm I left my house to go get my husband (Brady) some cough and cold medication and some soup. As I was walking down the street I noticed a red car drive by playing really loud music. I thought nothing of it and kept minding my own business waiting for my uber which was about 4 mins away. The car turned around and drove past my again, this time I noticed four men in the car as they rolled down the window and stared at me in a really creepy way. They drove past and turned around again 10 seconds and drove past me again this time stopping longer near me, at this point I started to panic as these were 4 grown men and I was alone so I started to make my way back home while calling Brady on my phone they drove past me again and started following me. I started to run and had Brady on the phone panicking and crying and they drove pretty high speed till the end of the road behind me but the road ended and I was at the walking path home. Brady was out with to meet me in 10 seconds. I took him to where the men were following me and they came back and Brady screamed at them but they drove away like cowards. It was too dark to see their car plate but it was a red Honda. Brady took me home and I called the police and they dispatched an officer right away to send them to the area (Thank you Ottawa Police). This was an awfully terrifying experience and I am still shaking. I felt scared for my life and my safety. This is my home, this is where I feel safe and these Assholes think they can just go around terrorizing people and harassing them on the streets?!
I know what you look like assholes and I know you probably live around here, if the cops haven’t already found you, I’m coming for you and I will have you thrown in jail! Unforgivable pieces of rotting shits.