HOLLA ON THE GO: Sexual Harassment

(sent by mail)
I am a man who gets a lot of sexual harassment from the women.
I have put female hormone cream on my legs and therefore have got very feminine legs.
If I put on shorts in the summer the women often harass me more than 20 times a day. The harassment is absolutely horrific.
I can not walk down a busy road without being harassed by the women.
They also make sexist comment that men shouldn’t have legs like that and stare at my legs as if they want to harm them.
From far away they often mistake me for a woman but when they get closer they realise I’m a man and start harassing me. I often hear them whispering; it’s a man.
They also often photograph me without asking for my consent.
I would like to know what can I do to stop this harassment. It’s important that you publish my letter as women should be made aware that me have got feelings too and do not like to get harassed either.