HOLLA ON THE GO: I was biking home from school…

I was biking home from school, as have been for the past three months, and I see a man dressed in purple and black on a bicycle with really tall handlebars (ape hangers). I’m riding in the bike lane for some time (like 5 mins maybe) and don’t think anything of it. I looked to the side a few times just in the off chance he was following me because I didn’t want to look all the way back and make my nervousness obvious. I don’t see anything so I let it go. Then out of the corner of my eye I see a dark figure come biking up beside me, and say “Hello there beautiful” and I’m sure some more things which I didn’t stick around to hear. I then biked as fast as my legs could carry me, I was so afraid there wouldn’t be away out of this situation. If I stopped he could stop too. If I biked faster he could also bike faster. There wasn’t any bystanders around either, other than people in cars, so I was really afraid Eventually I biked fast enough and he disappeared from the corner of my eye. I was so afraid to continue going home. For some reason I started crying like tearing up I had to wipe my tears to see the road. I don’t know why I started crying, why I felt so guilty.

Would he follow me?

On the side streets there wasn’t that many people so what if he caught up to me again? I didn’t know what else to do though, so I biked as fast as I could home, my lungs burning, too afraid to look behind me, and eventually I made it home. Now I’m really afraid what if he did follow me home? Can I even go outside again? I keep feeling like someone’s watching me, everything I hear I assume the worst. If the patio door jingles I think it’s an intruder coming in, or if a car drives by slowly I worry I’m being stalked. I feel so thankful nothing harmful happened to me, as I know it’s definitely not the case for many women.