A Week In Our Shoes: The Hollaback! Effect


Happy Friday Hollas! Stephanie May Wilson once said “Let’s cheer each other on, and watch each other grow” and that’s exactly what Hollaback! is doing by identifying the root cause of harassment issues and solving them through all demonstrative forms of activism, and rooting for each other.  #FridayMood

Speaking of growth and support, come join the Hollaback! Team as we support Emily May at the JAR forum on 16th October. Join Emily in  conversation about women’s safety in NYC as she continues to be a pioneer for change. Free with RSVP: [email protected].


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Also, I had the opportunity to represent Hollaback! New York in collaboration with The Institute of Gender Development Studies at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados for a Sexual Harassment Awareness and Policy Campaign at the Orientation Fair and ICC Expo. The event was a great success as staff, students, volunteers and myself were able to nurture young minds about the issues of sexual harassment on campus, how Bystander Intervention is a necessity in today’s society and the work, goals and objectives of Hollaback!. Cave Hill students were fully engaged and enjoyed active learning opportunities such as group discussions and scenario based learning. Check out these awesome photos from the event!



Shout Out to Hollaback! Jakarta for doing such an awesome job in the world of activism. You all have been so active and dedicated to your work! 

Congratulations Hollaback!Jakarta team for representing Hollaback! on the International Girls Day forum alongside Google and other organizations discussing the importance women`s security online. Anindya Restuviani, Co-director of Hollaback! Jakarta had the opportunity to share with the audience ways to resolve issues of violence in the digital room. #ActivismWithPurpose


Catch you in our next issue of A Week In Our Shoes!

Asha, WIOS Editor

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