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Happy Friday Hollas! Another Friday, and another latest edition of “ A Week In Our Shoes”. It’s the little things that matter and with that said, we at HQ would like to thank all our Hollas, both new and old, for continuing to fight alongside us to end harassment in all its forms. 

Around The World


“If you can conceive it, your heart could believe it, and you can achieve it” -Muhammed Ali. Shout Out to Hollaback!Jakarta on their #ReformasiDikorupsi action, making a difference nationally whilst also inspiring others wolrd-wide to take a stance on something they believe in. Recently, Hollaback!Jakarta took to their social media pages that most of their harassment reports included  forms of sexual assault, catcalling, whistling, sexist jokes and much more. Harassment in any shape or form is NOT okay. PERIOD! Thus, #ReformasiDikorupsi is a safe haven for Bystanders to not be afraid to voice their opinions and demand their rights. This action will impact our futures, forever. If we can support each other, especially through trials and tribulations, we have the POWER to change the world, together. 


Save the date and join Hollaback!Edinburgh for another #feministdelights, this time with a Halloween inspired theme, “Feminist Halloween or feminist + fear” at The Lighthouse – Edinburgh`s Radical Bookshop, at 43 West Nicolson Street, EH8 9DB Edinburgh, United Kingdom, Sunday, October 20th at 10AM-1PM.


Where they at? Where they at? Come on now, If you want to go take a ride with me and Hollaback!Detroit to the “Spooky Undies Bike Ride.” Join us in this shamelessly celebratory costume bike ride. Wear whatever makes you feel like a superhero, costumes, tights and underwear on the outside is encouraged.  Ride in support of harassment free transportation. This will be a “no one left” behind ride, all body types and genders are welcome, the length and pace of ride will be set by attendees”- Hollaback!Detroit. Interested? This event will commence at The Detroit Masonic Temple, Friday, October 18th at 7PM-10PM. For more information, check out their Facebook  page @hollabackdetroit. 


Catch you in our next issue of A Week In Our Shoes!

Asha, WIOS Editor

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