HOLLA ON THE GO: I was walking out of college…

I was walking out of college when these boys sitting on a fence started whistling at me then making all sorts of comments. It was the first time I’ve ever been catcalled (I’m 17). And I was so freaked out but what made me really angry was that there were loads of people leaving college as well WHO DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING. In the moment you feel so powerless which I hate.
Walking to where my mum has parked her car, I was left analysing my outfit and what I did wrong-which is so ridiculous! Then I was left thinking about everything I should have said and feeling so angry.
I’m even considering not going to college tomorrow which is making me feel like such a coward.
However, I have every intention to report them and BRING THEM DOWN. Fortunately, it was on college premises so so long as they can be identified, I’m hoping they’ll be disciplined. My college is very anti-harassment/bullying so I am sure something will be done about it. And I won’t go down without a fight and will not let any other girls feel this what at their place of education.