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Happy Friday Hollas! Keep your voices lifted and heads high this weekend. Just want to give a major shoutout to our very own, Emily May for keeping Hollaback!`s missions alive through her hard work, determination and vision. Emily has not only shown the United States what “never give up” looks like when it comes to ending all forms of harassment, but the wider world. What’s more, her dedication has propelled her forward to the John A Reisenbach Foundation forum for “ Safer Spaces New York, Voices on Women’s Safety in the City”. This forum “serves to create dialogue and spark change by bringing together community leaders, city government officials, nonprofit staff, academics, and other important stakeholders to discuss issues of safety and wellbeing in NYC” – JAR Foundation. 


This discussion will include a plethora of safety issues faced by many women. For instance, street safety and harassment, gender-based violence, domestic violence, homelessness, and female youth empowerment. Please join us, as we support Emily May and the other participants in a hearty conversation, October 16, at the UM Global Headquarters, 100 W 33rd St, 8th Floor Cafe, from 6:00-8:00pm. For more information about this event, click here. I see the sunshine ahead, Emily. Keep up the good work!



Around The World


Shout Out to Hollaback!Ottawa for participating in the “Take Back The Night 2019” event. Many folks from different strokes gathered at Ottawa City Hall for this event. Thank you to all the participants who joined this event and supported alongside Hollaback!Ottawa. You are truly taking the steps to make the world a better place.



Speaking of making the world a better place, just want to give a huge “Shout Out” to Hollaback!Jakarta. Hollaback!Jakarta has been working tirelessly, as they strive for equality. On September 24th, there was another political demonstration, this time not just in support of sexual victims, but also opposing the persecution of activists. This is a prime example of how people can band together in times of injustice. Continue exercising your rights! 



Catch you in our next issue of A Week In Our Shoes!

Asha, WIOS Editor

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