HOLLA ON THE GO: I experience a lot of stares…

I experience a lot of stares and unspoken demand for my attention. I was subjected to a half an hour ride on the bus, with harasser openly staring at my face, waiting for me to look up in order to make eye contact. I don’t know what is is about an eye contact that they enjoy but they do DEMAND stranger-women look them in the eyes. I hate it.
The harassers sometimes block my way, then when I look at them, they make sure to have an eye contact with me and…smile at me very dirtily, like they KNOW me. I have to walk around them because they won’t move.
I had people come really close to me in line at supermarket, and just stand there touching my foot with theirs or my elbow with theirs. Often, when I respond, the harassers produce exaggerated emotional response and act as if they are offended by me calling them out on their behavior. I had harassers threaten me physically and call me names because I asked for some personal space. Usually, others on premises take the harasser’s side, telling me to “calm down miss” even though I am the one calm and the harasser the one doing the yelling and threatening.
There is more but this is the most recent stuff. At this point, I avoid being in public without my husband and experience depression and sleep disturbances. I also cry a lot.