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Happy Friday Hollas! Welcome to the latest edition of “ A Week In Our Shoes”. Get ready for takeoff. Seat back and enjoy this flight, as we take you around the world.


Impressive doesn’t even begin to cover it. Hollaback!Cuenca had a very informative interview with Azuayas Waves, a local radio station, about the many missions, aims and objectives of Hollaback! and the blueprint for ending harassment. Bravo!


Our friends at @fairspace_nl were granted the opportunity to take part in the first and largest major international conference on the #MeToo movement in Reykjavik, Iceland which was hosted by the Icelandic Prime Minister. Fairspace Netherlands contributed to the discussions of the experiences of silence and disbelief, workplace harassment, institutional sexism, and perpetrator accountability. Also, this event delved into the  reasons why the movement gained such popularity and its many effects on folks, countries, businesses and more. There was coverage on speakers like Angela Davis and more on their Twitter and Instagram pages. #genderjustice #metoo #consent #nordiccountries #activism


“Get up, Stand up, Stand up for your rights!”– Bob Marley. Major Shout Out to Hollaback!Jarkata who is currently advocating for the push bill against sexual assault. “This action was carried out to encourage the House of Representatives Commission 8 to immediately continue the discussion of the Bill on the Elimination of Sexual Violence”. – Hollaback!Jakarta. SUPPORT VICTIMS, PASS THE RULE P-KS!“Postponing the adoption of the Bill on the Elimination of Sexual Violence = supporting rapists”


Guess what? #feministdelights is back! Mark the date on your calendar, Sunday, September 29th from 10am-1pm at The Lighthouse Bookshop. See you there!


Catch you in our next issue of A Week In Our Shoes!

Asha, WIOS Editor

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