HOLLA ON THE GO: The feeling of being robbed…

The feeling of being robbed is the worst feeling…..

Today I was robbed of my personal muthfucking space and what’s worst is I didn’t speak up about it…….

I was riding the metro minding my business when a tall man covered in bumps on his face and wearing a baseball hat sat next to me.. At first i was surprised because he scared me when he just plopped down.. But then I slowly started to feel my space close in..his legs were touching mine.. Fuck it.. While his body was touching mine.. I looked up to make sure the train was crowded to justify why he sat next to me. I don’t know why as a black woman I always try to find meaning for people’s ignorant behavior.. But I do.The train wasn’t crowded here was two seat in front of me that were completely empty.. I noticed through my peripheral he get looking at me when I would look away. It was at that moment that i realized his motive.. This perverted bastard…At first i was shocked because in all my 23 years of living in this world something like this has never has happened to me. As it was happening I just became angrier than a muthfuckaa.. Like how dare this low-life scum of the earth do this to me.. I wish him nothing but death and hardships. He knows I’m uncomfortable because I made sure my body was leaning against the window away from him.I was thinking this the whole ride but I didn’t say anything.. Now thinking back I don’t know why I didn’t say a thing but he deserved a nice azz whoopin… I told him excuse me once I arrived at my stop and he got up and moved… But as I was walking away from the train I looked back and noticed that he was looking at me.. This confirmed my suspicions that this muthafucka is the scum of the earth and a devil to women.. I wish I had a picture for the next woman that has to experience his presence… To her I’m sorry for not saying anything..

All I can think now is how much I hate men and how I can’t wait to save up enough money to drive to work.So I don’t have to deal with this shit… This make me really sad that I would rather go into debt and buy a car than to ride the train again.. I plan to tell my mother this story so she can help me process this.. But all I feel right now is hurt.

I Hurt.

As I write this I’m Currently on the Marc train and this white man is sitting next to me. I’m so hurt and disgusted by this situation that I wish he gets up and moves away.. I just want to be surrounded by women. Not Men