A Week In Our Shoes: The Time Begins Now


Happy Friday Hollas! Welcome to the new edition of  “A Week In Our Shoes” newsletter that keeps you up to date with our latest news and provides the necessary Bystander Intervention tips for harassment and more. We hope you’ve been enjoying this summer and have taken the pledge to intervene the next time you see harassment. Taking the pledge is important because harassment should not be a part of summer! Many of us have been harassed for the way we look, dress, our gender and our identity. Let’s take the stance to fight against harassment this summer. We have created a free guide to Bystander Intervention to help you be prepared. For more information on how to pledge and receiving your free Bystander Intervention copy, click here.


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In Canada? Hollaback!Ottawa is partnering with Andrea Blake, a holistic personal trainer and body neutrality advocate, to bring you a FREE workshop focused on harassment in gym spaces! Feel free to join them for a profound discussion on the ideal ways of dealing harassment in a gym setting, August 18th at 2-4pm on 18 Louisa Street #281. See you there Hollas!





FairSpace Netherlands have connected with Emancipator, a non-profit organization on something big! What`s that you may ask? It’s the Delta! This is “ a social movement of organizations working on a long-term plan to include boys and men in the prevention of violence against women”- @fairspace_nl. For more information, check out theses Instagram pages @fairspace_nl, @emancipator.nl or this website emancipator.nl/deltaplan

Catch you in our next issue of A Week In Our Shoes!

Asha, WIOS Editor

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