HOLLA ON THE GO: I just got home, went by subway…

I just got home, went by subway, and had to wait for it for 10min, so I went back up and sat on a bench. Enters this old dude, sits right next to me even though two other benches are free, stares at me and makes a motion as if he’s smoking (mind you, Im not even smoking), I say no, sorry. He laughs, extends his arm on the top of the bench and touches me on the shoulder 😱 I look at him and tell him in a loud outside voice to stop touching me and that I just want to sit there in peace. He takes his hand and arm back and continues staring at me for a bit, makes a tsk tsk noise, then gets up and sits on one of the other benches. A few min later, I go down to take the tram home.
This is the second time something like that has happened since I moved back to Cologne/Germany. Last time it was on old drunk dude asking if I needed a man while I walked past a bar. Disgusting! This is really making me so angry! Even at myself, and that’s the worst, because now I feel like I would have liked to yell at him or ask the other two guys sitting close by to not just sit there. I hate this!