HOLLA ON THE GO: Tolerate to stay employed

Work is hard when the only way to get along with coworkers is to listen to the disgusting things they want to do to you. Coworkers indicating they want a blowjob, or even worse asking to take a special shower with you. The worst part is when it happens and management is aware, they try to fire the employee who was violated. As if the employee invited sexual harassment. I deal with obscene sexual gestures everyday. Two men coworkers once told me I was sitting at the perfect height to distribute blowjobs. I was asked to have sex on camera. Are these jokes? Cuz I don’t feel safe. I am sexually harassed, touched, given sexual gestures. Asked to show more body parts, told I would be more liked if I just smiled because people like pretty people. I am oppressed by my coworkers and management.