HOLLA ON THE GO: Long shot

I sat down at my favorite Karaoke bar and was touched by this guy Leonard. Leonard has just watched the movie “Long Shot” with Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron. Leonard has smoked a lot of weed and was drinking like a fish. Leonard felt it was fate that I sat next to him. He thought the movie was real life. Leonard started touching me even when I asked him to stop. He started saying things like “Don’t make this into something bigger than it is.” “ you just have to learn how to talk to me baby.”
I said ‘stop’ and ‘don’t’ to this guy, and in his own mind he thought the movie re-created in real life. Leonard told everyone we were dating and that I was his. >>I sat at a bar with a mini skirt and a flannel top, I had no make up on and had actually took the time to curl my hair. In Leonard’s mind that meant yes..
As the nights drama unfolds, my friend Dave shows up at the bar. Leonard is upset because Dave is my friend and Leonard reminds Dave that I am dating him. I have never met Leonard before this night. But he made sure to shame me in front of people I have supported for Thursday night karaoke.

But honestly I didn’t feel unsupported or threatened at Baldwin street grill. I know the bartenders and the regular patrons would not allow such real danger to happen. I left the bar with a funny story and no harm to me.
Leonard has left with two younger gentlemen and finally left me alone. I am grateful for a safe bar that I can have support of the staff if needed. Plus, I was fortunate that the touching stopped.
Poor Leonard, he appeared to suffer from addiction and perhaps a mental illness. I did not want to cause a large scene, but if this happened at any other bar, I would have helped assist that bastard to the floor and called the cops.

I have attached a photo of Dave and me. Dave is a safe person that was my knight in shining armor. It is good to have good bar patrons who help you when you are getting touched and it is unwanted.