A Week In Our Shoes: Step Up!

From Hollaback! HQ

We at Hollaback! would like to encourage you this month, to TELL YOUR TRUTH!      

The Time Is Now! Holding back is not only harm to you but to your mental health. Remember, you are not responsible for someone’s feelings. Why is this so important? Each day, we witness how the consequences of silence perpetuates discrimination especially to vulnerable populations.


Even, sometimes out of fear, we remain silent, smile or even say “thank you” to the same people who make us feel uncomfortable. Hollaback! urges you to keep safety on your priority list especially when responding to people who harass you. Through meticulous and extensive research, we have identified that sharing your story and seeking advice from professionals, a trusted person, a loved one or even with us, is a step forward to a better you and society. It starts with YOU!  


Hollaback! is working tirelessly and efficiently to help you recognize and understand that what you have experienced is not shameful. “Self-acceptance is the salve that soothes the wounds of shame, much as forgiveness is the poultice of guilt.”– Andrew P. Morrison, 1998.

We challenge you today to explore what you have silenced in your life as it pertains to ALL FORMS OF HARASSMENT. This could range from verbal or sexual abuse to racism. Accepted this challenge? Click here, to share Your Story. #TellYourTruth #MaskOff #Unstoppable #StepUp #WeStandWithYou


Around The World

Hollaback! Ottawa

Shoutout to Hollaback! Ottawa for a job well done! Recently, the team was in Quebec City to present at the 2019 Ontario Association Architects Conference #OAAConf2019. Their presentation entailed the importance of having a gendered lens in the design of public space. For information, follow them @HollabackOttawa on Twitter and Instagram.


FairSpace, a sister branch from Hollaback! Nederland was interviewed by VIVA magazine, on the issues of street harassment and the preventative measures to curb violence against women.

Hollaback! Edinburgh

Hollaback! Edinburgh`s #feministdelights is back again! Join them at the Lighthouse Bookshop,Edinburgh,  June 30th at 10am – 1pm.


By now, we should all be aware of the abhorrent acts of violence committed against the Sudanese people. We at Hollaback! would like to publicly declare our full support for Sudan. To violate and perpetrate violence against people who are exercising their human rights, are unacceptable, intolerable and horrific. We won’t stand in silence. Is it right for several persons to be shot, beaten and even stabbed to death by military forces? We are infuriated and dismayed at the abjuring of the Sudanese people’s human rights  and humanitarian limitations. We support @Sudan, @bsonblast, @wedadosmann, @yousraelbagir and all other social media pages who support this matter. #StayStrongSudan

What are your thoughts?

Catch you in our next issue of A Week In Our Shoes!

Asha, WIOS Editor

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  1. In my younger days I actually would be afraid to tell them off. But now that im older and learned how to read behavior i know exactly how to respond. Keep ya head up ladies!!

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