HOLLA ON THE GO: As a young female cyclist…

As a young female cyclist, I often get two forms of harassment:

1) verbal abuse and intimidation from the general public who hate cyclists (men and women), and

2) sexual harassment or intimidation from men.

In the last six months, the latter has included being “air kissed” at by a driver I thought was slowing down to let me pass, crept up upon by a driver in a quiet residential street who got super close and then honked at me, scaring me and causing me to nearly fall off my bike, shouted at by men saying things like “nice”, “beautiful” and “mmmhmm”, and then yesterday a man walked in front of me at the traffic lights, waved his arms in the air, and shouted “wonderful” at me in the centre of Finsbury Park. The man next to me simply shook his head in sympathy and said something like “idiot”. I wish someone had asked me if I was okay or told the idiot man to fuck off.