HOLLA ON THE GO: I was fishing with my boyfriend…

I was fishing with my boyfriend but we were moving spots so I was going to move the car as well, so I was walking to my car in the parking lot at night and started being followed, I looked at the man driving and he had his window down and said “hey gorgeous… w” and I cut him off yelling “this is not the time! Wtf and why are you being an idiot in a parking lot at night!??” While I was yelling this he was driving at my speed and started getting mad and speeding up so I allowed him to pass me but he then parked next to my car so I ran and got in and locked the door and turned on the car as fast as I could and he drove up toward my car. So I tried to drive away but allowed him to go in front because he was headed the same way I was going. So I followed him until I got to where my boyfriend was and I turned off the lights of my car and turned into the parking lot.
I was so freaked out that I didn’t know if I was mad or wanted to cry, at first it was all anger but then the adrenaline went away and all I felt was the fear and anxiety, I tried to stay calm to not freak my boyfriend out and when I went tell him I forgot some details and just got so overwhelmed I started crying. At the time I didn’t have my phone nor did I know where it was, later I found it in the backseat and called my boyfriend to find him.