A Week In Our Shoes: Comfort Inn Ending

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As of recent, the United States House of Representatives passed an Equality Act to reform the existing Civil Rights Act of 1964 as a means of protecting LGBTQ American citizens. The Equality Act protects citizens from discrimination with regards to applying for employment, housing, credit and federally funded programs and other areas.

According to Rep. David Cicilline, “This bill adds sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes through existing civil rights law ensuring that the LGBTQ community enjoys the same protection as everyone else.”


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In other news, 53 year old Charmaine Alleyne became part of headlines in Caribbean news, after an alleged dispute with a British tourist / businessman. According to Alleyne, after a small conversation with the British national about an ATM issue, he allegedly shoved a $50 bill in her cleavage and slapped her buttocks as a “joke”. The victim felt gravely humiliated and that her reputation was tarnished. Despite the accusations made by the victim, the visitor was reprimanded and discharged due to the closed-circuit television ( CCTV) footage. However, the description of the footage has not (yet) been disclosed to the public. For more information on this story, go to Barbados Today and Nation News.  

Above all else, to violate someone as a joke or to falsely accuse someone of a crime is highly unacceptable and utterly odious. This should be a wake up call for the Caribbean as it relates to issues of sexual harassment, assault, malicious prosecution, false imprisonment and miscarriages of justice. If nothing changes, then they’re in for some serious future storms of trials and tribulations.

These are some of the many challenges people face on a daily basis, and on a global scale. We need to speak up and stand for what is right. We need to help those victimized by harassment by supporting efforts to promote respect, and prevent violence. #SpeakUp #DoingNothingDoesHarm #KnowYourRights #RecognizeDisrespect #WeStandWithYou



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2 responses to “A Week In Our Shoes: Comfort Inn Ending

  1. Great article, to be honest I am not surprised by what happened to Ms Alleyne, I have heard many stories of tourist, making sexually advances to locals and it be seeing seen as a “joke”

  2. I enjoyed the synopsis of the article and incident in Barbados. Hopefully I can get more information about what’s happening in the rest of the world. 🙂 Cheers!

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