A Week In Our Shoes: I Can or Can I?

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“They don’t know, and I say they don’t know, they see me smile, but they don’t know what I feel inside” – Chronixx. Being stifled and policed over reproductive rights deters the inclination of gender justice and equality. This is everybody’s problem, not just Alabama. Missouri even joined the wave by passing the anti-abortion bill and was deemed one of the strongest “anti-abortion” bills in the United States.  Everyone should have the right to self-govern their own bodies, as it should be a crucial global human right. From a rational and logical point of view, do you think it is fair for the law to have a right over women’s bodily autonomy? Not EVEN an exception for rape and incest victims? It is their bodies, their choice?  Everyone’s case is different and circumstantial. They are not the ones who experience nightmares due to immediate or extended family members forcing themselves on YOU. They are not the ones going through unexplained anger or rage, it’s YOU. They are not the ones going through anxiety attacks, it’s YOU. They are not the ones going through emotional or psychological issues, it’s YOU. They are not the ones who find out after eight weeks into pregnancy, it’s YOU.  Tell me how come, many women worldwide are suffering from botched abortions? People have abortions regardless of what the law says anyway. Criminalizing this act does not prevent abortions from happening, it just makes it less safe. Since the State wants to “police” one’s body, shouldn’t they ensure that their citizens receive the best healthcare, despite the choices they make? After all, capitalist societies thrive on social issues. “Its cause life is so unfair, in this sweet Paradise and this is what we swear. Out of many one people. Tell me can you see that anywhere? Everyone treated equal, and this is why, so many die, leaving so many to cry.” – Morgan Heritage. We at Hollaback! are outraged and disgruntled over this problem. WE STAND WITH YOU! #OurBodyOurChoice #AFightForChoice  #OurRight #Peace


Fact Of The Week: One of the foremost barriers to abortion access for these individuals and groups is lack of access to healthcare. Additionally, for those who do have access to healthcare, they may face stigma and biased views in the provision of healthcare, as well as presumptions that they do not need access to contraception and abortion-related information and services. In some contexts, 28% transgender and gender non-conforming individuals report facing harassment in medical settings, and 19% report being refused medical care altogether due to their transgender status, with even higher numbers among communities of colour. This is due to many intertwining factors of poverty and race and related intersectional discrimination”. – Amnesty International


Asha, WIOS Editor

7 responses to “A Week In Our Shoes: I Can or Can I?

  1. You are spot on ! It’s not just Alabama’s problem it’s everybody’s problem! No government has the right to interfere with ones reproductive rights or privacy in such a way! It’s a shame that we are taking so many steps back !!

  2. This came at a crucial moment in regard to what is happening in Alabama and the ripple effect it is having throughout the US. This article really brought to the surface the complexity of emotions felt by those that this law harms, and gave their situations an additional voice. Thank you!

  3. Very insightful read. I wish that people would stop meddling in other peoples’ lives. The decisions that others make are personal and do not require validation nor condemnation. If it doesn’t affect you or have anything to do with you, what makes you feel that your opinion is valid?

  4. Interesting read Asha. I love the Caribbean influenced quotes. Although this is an issue I don’t openly discuss, I do have underlying principles that guide my life. Our human rights are violated, our woman rights are violated in 2019. We have to let our voices be heard and advocate for those voices that can not be heard.

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