HOLLA ON THE GO: “I’m 13…”

I’m 13, and this happened not too long ago. My mother and I were on a vacation to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. I always had poorer self-esteem from being bullied for my weight in the past. I hit puberty early, at around 9 years old and have been growing since. On the day it happened, I was wearing beach clothes like my mom. I won’t be wearing a hoodie and try to cover up at near 100 degrees. We’re walking and we pass a small bar. There’s a group of guys, possibly around their late teens or early 20s (Fun Fact: they were white frat boys). I could tell they’ve had too many mojitos and as we pass, one of them calls out. “Shit, I’d take both of those hotties right there and fuck ’em.” And the others whoop in agreement. We begin to walk faster when the same guy grabs me by the shoulders and pulls me into his arms. Whispering his dirty thoughts in my ear, he then squeezed my right boob. My mom punched the son of a bitch of course and we walked off. I cried for near hours, and even now months, after. This one experience is only one of many, the most intense. This bullshit has got to stop.#everydaysexism #metoo #believewomen