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Hollaback! is seeking energetic, committed, results-driven and creative individuals to provide assistance in fighting against harassment. Individuals who are conscious and passionate about civil and social rights: this is your opportunity to be a part of a global movement! We need YOU! Come join us as we look to expand our Hollaback! family:

  • Director of Finance and Human Resources
  • Program Director
  • Communications fellow
  • Graphic Design fellow
  • Legislative and Development fellow

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Weekly story_1Every week Hollaback! will be sharing one story from our story sharing platform in efforts to continue elevating the voices and stories of folks who are faced with harassment every day. We want you to know: You are not alone. Share your stories of harassment anywhere, anytime to Hollaback! Using our app or online at https://www.ihollaback.org/take-action/share-story/.Β 









Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 1.47.39 PMIn 2014, Hollaback! And Cornell University conducted a large-scale research survey on street harassment which included 16,607 respondents making it the largest analysis on this matter to date! This survey comprised reviewed data from the United States and a cross-cultural analysis from 42 cities worldwide on this issue.

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Asha, WIOS Editor

4 responses to “A WEEK IN OUR SHOES: Calling My HollabACTIVISTS!

  1. I really like the hollafact aspect of this article , it really helps me to understand the organization better. By any chancr can you tell me more about the selection process.

  2. Very interesting article; staggering numbers. I’m even more curious to see what those numbers look like today. It’s critical to raise awareness in an effort to curb sexual harassment. The numbers are there; what are YOU doing?

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