HOLLA ON THE GO: “Today is Christmas”

Today is Christmas.

My girlfriend and I decide to go for a walk in the neighborhood. As we exit our door and start down the sidewalk, a guy on a bicycle offers to sell me weed. I’d normally rather not interact at all in situations like this but I decide to be polite. I respond with “no thanks” and keep walking.

He responds with “Well why don’t you just fuck me one time?”
Seriously?! What the fuck. Can we not just walk down the street on fucking Christmas without getting harassed by perverts?!?!

The worst part is, since he literally just watched us walk out of our house, I don’t feel like I can get in his face about how fucked up it is to talk to women on the street like that since I don’t want him to stalk me/us, follow us home, wait at our door on any night in the future, or worse.

I’m enraged that men do this type of shit, and that I feel so afraid for our safety that I don’t even feel like it would be smart to do/say anything that might escalate things or result in an even worse future interaction since the can see right where we live.

I feel powerless and angry and I fucking hate this.