HOLLA ON THE GO: I was approached…”

I was approached by someone who said he was with a group that had a YouTube channel that featured hands and feet. He asked if I wouldn’t mind modeling mine to be included in the project. It didn’t seem totally out of place given that there are lots of artistic people where I live and he was also asking me in a very public area (a park) where many people were passing by. I agreed and he started taping my bare feet, asking me to curl and uncurl my toes. As we talked he asked me various questions about my feet and how I wear shoes. I also asked him about his experience and noticed he mentioned ‘girls’ when referring to his subject. It came up that my face would show in the video to which I asked that he blur my face (I didn’t know he was taping it too). He agreed and started taking pictures of my feet and not my face. He also slightly felt my foot with his fingers but I didn’t feel uncomfortable and figured he was relaxing it. He commented on how soft my feet were, several times. Then the conversation got fully weird when he asked if my feet ever smelled and at one point asked to smell them to which I said no. He got up to go a little after that and casually got my name and its spelling.
Then I looked up the YouTube channel he mentioned (‘Foot Bear’) and did not find it but did find videos and a hashtag on Instagram where people videotape and sell videos of women and their feet. I had no idea this was a thing and felt stupid for falling for what was most likely a prank where he will now use my image and name to share with people. Some of the videos seem to be of people who are not paid actresses and yet the vendor is selling the video.
I am pretty upset but made the police aware because I would hate for anyone else to be approached and fooled by this person.
I want people to be aware of this scenario so that of if they are similarly approached they are aware of what it could actually be that the guy is seeking out.