HOLLA ON THE GO: “After a night out…”

After a night out, my boyfriend, friend, and I came back to our apartment. My boyfriend waited in the car while we went upstairs to get the rest of the alcohol we had to go back to a friend’s house. As we were approaching the elevator, some drunk guy was peeing right in front of the elevator. As a resident, I kindly asked if he couldn’t have waited to go upstairs or gone to a place where he wouldn’t be seen by any of the residents, because frankly, it was quite gross that he was peeing right in front of the elevator where everyone could see him. He then proceeded to verbally harass me, calling me a fucking bitch, telling me to shut the fuck up. I then told him I did not know him and I had simply asked him to go somewhere else. When I got off of the elevator I went straight into my apartment, and the drunk guy came knocking on my door, luckily I had already locked my front door. I called my boyfriend and let him know that the guy was being belligerent and is now at my front door. My boyfriend raced up the stairs and the guys were walking away knocking at the apartment they were originally supposed to be at. The drunk guy tried fighting my boyfriend, but in the end my friend and I grabbed him and we left. The other guy was pushed into the apartment by his friend.