HOLLA ON THE GO: “Today I was walking home from school. “

Today I was walking home from school. Keep in mind that I always walk with my brother, but today he had to stay later than me. When I got out the small street was almost clear of students, but a few remained. I had just gotten done saying goodbye to friends and head down the small alley that ends at a small street. Two boys were in front of me, but they walked too slow so I decided to walk in front of them. As soon as I walked in front of them, one of them said: “Damn she got ass.” They also dog whistled at me. This freaked me out but I thought they would stop as we were about to walk past a group of people. Boy was I wrong, they ran to catch up to me as I’m a fast walker. When they stopped behind me they continued to say disrespectful things. For example “That ass”, and “She got back.” I immediately called my mom and explained the situation in Spanish. She told me not to worry that she’ll meet up with me and that she’ll call my brother to meet up with me. While calling her I contemplated walking straight or turn into a random street where I saw I group of people I know pass by. I decided to go straight and thank god I did because the one who said almost everything to me turned away. The other boy just kept quiet as he trailed behind me. My brother got a ride from his girlfriend and met me at the middle school. He started to ask me if I was okay and who was it that was following me and harassing me. I told them that they turned into another street. I decided not to tell him that one was still behind me as I didn’t want it to escalate into something big. When I got home my parents told me that I should’ve called the police but I felt that it wasn’t necessary. They also told me to call them out but I didn’t want to agitate them and minded my own business. Which I felt gave them the I don’t give a f*uck mood. My brother also cursed himself out for not walking with me today for the first time. I feel that next time I’m going to probably glare and then to show them that I heard what they said and then just keep on waking. Though overall I’m glad it didn’t escalate and that I’m well. [got_back]