HOLLA ON THE GO: “I’m 14 and a few days ago”

I’m 14 and a few days ago I was walking around a shopping centre by myself. I passed this man who was probably in his 30’s and he said damnnnnn as I walked past. He then continued to follow me through the aisles of the shop saying things like ‘are you a virgin’ ‘you look like a virgin’ ‘I’d tap that’ which made me extremely uncomfortable but I just pretended not to hear him. He followed me for a long time until I went and stood near a group of boys my age pretending to look at something in the aisle and he eventually went away. It made me feel really scared because I was alone. Now I wonder whether I should of said something to him but at the time I was just too scared to do anything but ignore him. After it happened I started to blame myself for wearing short shorts and a tank top but I know I shouldn’t blame myself.