“My friends and I decided to go to watch”

My friends and I decided to go to watch “Kimi no na Wa,” an animated Japanese movie in downtown Brooklyn. The day was going well and we decided to get some ice cream. But we spent all our money on food at the movie theater so we only had enough to buy one cup of ice cream.
We were sitting at the side of a building eating it when a guy next to us began to say things that were offensive to our religion. We are all Muslim so the guy was talking about how we should be thrown out of this country, things about how we are too poor to buy ice cream etc. We got freaked out and got up and he shouted a “Yeah you better run!” after us, so we scrambled.

This was one of the most terrifying moments of my life. It was a bright sunny summer midday and there were so many people milling around but this man just threatens me and my friends in public without absolutely no hesitation.
He could have taken physical action against us and we would have been utterly defenseless.

After this experience my life has never been the same. Now I am always conscious of what people on the street will be thinking about me If I feel like anyone looks at me in a strange way I get scared that they will jump at me, try to rip my hijab off, or yell discriminatory, racist expletives my way.
Please, we need to stop spreading hate! I wish me and my friends had told the police or something but we were too busy trying to get away from that spot to think clearly. If you see anyone being harassed please help them! [got_back]