HOLLA ON THE GO: I was walking out of the train.

I was walking out of the train. I had a cigarette in my mouth. I walked to my bike to unlock it. I have two bags, the bike is falling over slowly, and the lock is very low down, right in the corner of a long line of bikes. I learn over the unlock it.
A tall man walks over.

Have you got a cigarette for me?
I decide to be nice and give him 1 cigarette from my pack of tailored’s.
He asks for two.
“No. You can have one.”
“Where are you from?”
“Well but actually you look turkish/italian/greek/” (…blah blah, I have dark skin, so attract this kind of attention often where *stupid people* (mainly men) get stuck on verbally trying to pick my race.. duh.)
“Yes. OK, please let me get out”

I’m stuck in the corner between this guy, who’s a lot taller than me, a brick wall, a fence and a line of bikes. He’s blocking me from being able to get out. He’s blocking my bike, I’m barricaded into the corner… I get very scared, very fast.

“Can I get through please?”
“Let me through!”
Let me out!
“NO.” He’s playing a game. “I need a lighter.”

I start to get really scared, very suddenly. I raise my voice – “Let me out! Get out of the way!”

I grabbed my lighter out of my pocket and give it to him, I try to push past and then he starts to yell at me.
“You’re crazy!”
I yell back :
“Don’t push women into the corners! You don’t know me! Don’t trap me in a corner!”

He yells at me that I need to see a therapist.
I scream back to him that I am a therapist.

I grab my bike and get the hell outta there.
It’s not until I’m 5 minutes away that the tears start to come. I’m really frightened from being trapped in the corner and don’t know what I could have said or done because it all happened so fast.