There are two parts to this story.
The first part happened in the Spring. I was in the mall and noticed I was being followed by a man. As I neared the exit, he ran up to talk to me. “Girl, you are the sexiest person I’ve seen today,” he said. I try to ignore him but he keeps going: “Stop walking, talk to me, what’s the rush?” I tell him I’m in a hurry to meet someone. He asks for my phone number, and is still following me, so I gave him a fake number.

Months later, I am walking to a convenience store in the area. Suddenly, I see the man again. He sees me and looks angry, quickening his pace to catch up as I cross the road. “HEY!” He shouts, “Hey you, whore!” I try to ignore him. People are staring. “You bitch! You gave me a fake number, you bitch! Everyone, this girl is a whore!” He continues. I am scared and say nothing, I just keep heading to the store. As I near the door, he says, “Just you wait, I’ll be here waiting for you when you get out, bitch.”

Inside the store, I start to cry as the adrenaline calms down. I stayed in there for 40 minutes, too afraid to go outside. [got_back]