“I just couldn’t shake the feeling it left.”

To be honest I’ve experienced harassment since I was about 11 years old.. With long light blonde hair and blue eyes.. I remember even at that age people commenting on me, my appearance. My body .. And how I looked especially men and wanting to touch it.. I’ve received all types of harassment .. Some really nasty stuff.. Especially as a teenage girl.. And wrongly as a young woman, I would choose to ignore it. Through fear or because I didn’t want people to think I was overreacting. One of the many times that I was harassed that really stuck out to me was when I was in a club with my friends. I was on the dance floor .. Just dancing and minding my own Business.. When this guy keep following me and touching my hair.. I moved to the other side of dance floor and he followed me and did it again.. This time I told him to beat it.. He laughed and moved away.. but after 5 minutes he was back again and did it twice more…he full on ran his fingers through my hair.. I was ready to go home as I getting really freaked out when my friend got the bouncer to throw him out.. But I was really upset by it.. The next day I actually went to hairdresser and got my cut shorter.. I just couldn’t shake the feeling it left.