I Pretended Not to See Him

I was walking to the bus stop after a Zumba class, and a man ran down the street after me to tell me that he thought I was really beautiful and would I give him my number and go out with him. As he came up next to me and tried to wave at me to get my attention. I pretended not to see him and concentrated on the music in my headphones, but when he pretty much stepped in my path I reluctantly took out one earphone, heard what he had to say, and told him I have a boyfriend.

More than anything I was stunned that someone would, in broad daylight on a Saturday afternoon, run down the street towards a girl walking on her own. After that, I felt exposed. I am self-conscious about my body as it is – and even more so after a sweaty hour of Zumba – and to think that someone was looking at it closely enough to sprint down the street after it just made me feel ten times worse, even if what he said was meant to be a compliment. I am very rarely able to go out in my workout clothes or work out in public without some kind of comment or someone stopping me because they talk to me.