“This was so unanticipated and uncalled for”

It was a warm summer day and I was strolling through the city. I had bought a sandwich and sat down on a platform (a well known meeting point in my city, always crowded with people) to eat it. A group of +/- five men, all in their fifties and all drinking cheap beer, started making sexual comments. They were looking at me up and down and said things like:
‘You look great in that dress. I’d almost say you look TOO great.’
‘You’re a sweetheart, aren’t you? Yeah, I can tell that you are a real sweetheart.’
‘The way your body looks in that dress drives me crazy.’

I just ignored them, but felt very uncomfortable and unsafe. Then one of them stood up, sat down next to me, put his arms around me and kissed me on the cheek. ‘You’re a sweetie’, he said. I pushed him away, said: ‘Don’t touch me’, got up and walked away. I heard them all laughing and felt their eyes burning on my behind as I walked away. I felt disgusted.

I was shocked because it happened in broad daylight. I’m usually more alert when I’m out during the night, but this was so unanticipated and uncalled for.