Harassed at Kings Soopers downtown Denver even with my boyfriend]Harassed at Kings Soopers downtown Denver even with my boyfriend

Going grocery shopping is hell even when you’re not alone, so I brought my boyfriend to this King’s Sooper’s in downtown Denver and ended up having some creep follow me every time I was separated from my boyfriend. He managed to pull this weird maneuver where he got behind me when I thought I was talking to my boyfriend and pretended to be him like a f-ing creep (were you actually expecting that to work like did you actually expect me to allow you to touch me or something without me noticing, like I was that oblivious?). This guy followed me from the veggies to the frozen aisle to the check out line. Trying everything in his power to get me to look him in the eyes because I was ignoring (trying to at least) and I don’t need to tell you he enraged my boyfriend. He stalked me to the point my boyfriend told me to walk forward and to get out of the freezer section because he was about to confront the guy. Denver has people who have NO SHAME and I’ve lived in a few states and a few cities now and I have to say Denver, Colorado takes the cake on straight up ruthless, disgusting, hungry guys. I have been here for a year now and have never felt more like a walking object put on this earth just for men to pleasure themselves. I no longer work my downtown job because the guys managing me at McCormick & Schmicks Seafood Restaurant were harassers. And I think I speak for every woman who’s worked in the service industry, if you don’t flirt and play into your managers advances, gosh can they make your life a living hell. Thanks Max from downtown Denver, you were the most sexist manager I’ve come to encounter & part of the reason I’ll never work downtown here again. I have just downloaded this app and have every intention to start reporting my harassment encounters because there’s plenty downtown here and they are more common in establishments, restaurants, and stores than on the street.