I was just sitting there…

I was sitting in the lobby of the hotel next to my husband’s work. I had work at 3pm, and it was only 11:30am. I still had some time to kill, so I brought my laptop to look for a new job. ( My job cut my hours, isn’t that great?!) Like I have been for a while now.

In this beautiful lobby, there are couches and single chairs with lamps, and tables to charge your devices. So, naturally, I chose to sit on the couch because it’s comfortable, and I would be there for quite some time, and also so I could plug in.

I was just there, on my lap top searching for a new job. Not really any one around, just the casual walking in and out of the Lobby. I was sitting in the corner of the couch, because that’s where the charger was. I notice an older gentleman, chose to sit in the single chair next to me. I thought it was odd because there were plenty of other seats around me that were open. But, because being a woman this stuff happens all the time, I figured it was harmless and that he wants to sit next to the girl all alone. So I turn my music off, but keep my earbuds in my ear, just to be safe. I noticed he had an old, weathered book with a piece of paper folded multiple times as his bookmark. He wasn’t reading his book. Then, he pulls the chair closer, and more diagonally toward me, almost trapping me behind the table and his chair, so it wouldn’t be an easy run. I would literally have to jump over the table to get away. I noticed he wasn’t turning any pages in the book. He was staring at me. I have tattoos so I’m used to being looked at, but not like this. He pulls his chair CLOSER!!!! His foot touching mine! I texted my husband to call me, so I could get away without confrontation. My husband was in a meeting, so he did not get my text. I said, fuck it, I’m out he’s legit touching my foot with his. As I was packing up my stuff, I noticed his hand was in his pocket, playing with himself, heavy breathing. I’ve never hopped over a table so fast in my life. I ran outside where people were around, and as I turned to make sure I wasn’t being followed, I saw him walking in the opposite direction.

Like most woman, I get cat called Almost everyday. I live in Boston. It’s everywhere. “Hey baby” “that ass though” “for a white woman, you fine girl” you learn to just ignore. But I have never felt more disgusted, humiliated, under valued, violated in my life. I’m still shaking. I know I was not harmed, but I feel so helpless.

So I called my husband, I never call unless it was an emergency, so he answered with concern. Told him the whole thing. He told me to report the man. The thought of causing any trouble stopped my heart. I started speaking out loud, well what if the man was just getting something out of his pocket? All these thoughts that I was in the wrong. So finally, after a great cry fest to my husband, I called the hotel security and told them what happened. This happened 2 hours ago. I started researching how to come down after being sexually harassed in public. I found this app. This amazing app. We should not be teaching those who get harassed to just act nice, and act normal, and it’s just human nature. We should be teaching to treat woman, and all humans like humans. Stay safe everyone. 💚