“I felt disgusted and violated.”

I am a high school senior. This happened when I was walking home from school. I was just minding my own business when a man in his (parked) car started asking me for directions. I thought nothing was wrong at first and was going to answer until I saw that he had his penis out and was vigorously masturbating with the head toward my direction. Shocked and terrified that he was going to ejaculate on me, I immediately bolted and kept running until I saw some classmates I know from school. I ran up to them and walked with them until I reached my house. I then swiftly let my parents know about what happened and filed a police report soon after.

I’ve heard stories of this happening to other women, but I never knew this would happen to me, especially at a young age. I’ve been sexually harassed before, but not to this explicit extent. I’m lucky that he didn’t chase after me or try to kidnap me, but I was shaking and crying and I felt (and still do feel) disgusted and violated. I hope the police catch that motherf*cker before he does this again to other students.