“Every second felt like a year as I kept stopping every few steps to look behind my shoulder”

Feeling scared and angry. I was just walking back from the restaurant at 10pm where I had dinner downtown in Ithaca, up the hill to my house carrying two bags of groceries. A man starts walking right behind me and continues walking right behind me not trying to move ahead. I move to the left giving him space to go, but he continues walking behind. I slow down and stop, pretending to change the order of bags in my hands and he walks a bit in the front but slows down. I start walking again, in the hope to overtake him I walk more quickly. As soon as I am next to him he says “Hey, do you want a real good hard fucking?” I am about to stop, but slowing pace and I say “No I don’t.” He stops with me right in front of the Collegetown terrace apartments on East State Street and I can see his hand under his long sweatshirt moving as he says “I’ve been masturbating watching you all this time” I look at him hard and say ” What the fuck! Do you want a good hard slap on your face? Get the fuck out of here and don’t you dare follow me” I keep walking, scared and watching for shadows behind my back hoping he doesn’t keep following me since my home is nearby, I live alone and I don’t want him to know where I live. Every second felt like a year as I kept stopping every few steps to look behind my shoulder. He had a long goatie and a small mustache with a bluetooth headset in his ear. I wish I had taken his picture to report him, but even if the thought would have struck me in the moment, I would have been too scared of the threat of him getting violent to do something like that. I swear to god, I wish I could scream at the top of my voice and pepper spray his balls and eyes. (sorry for the last rant-y part) thanks for hearing me out <3