Harassed & Pushed into the Road

I was coming home at night in a bus. There was a group of young men shouting and singing songs that were pissing me off. I said nothing, but when they stepped off the bus some of them knocked on my window to scare me and started laughing.
I was pretty angry at this point, when I left the bus and started walking, another young man came to me while I was waiting to cross the street and tried to start a conversation, asking me if I liked rock or rap. I told him I didn’t and he kept talking to me, the street light had already changed to green and I turned around and said to him “I don’t like those styles, and I don’t feel like talking, I just want to go home” since I was still annoyed by the bus thing.
As I turned I saw a police car coming really fast with the blue lights on, I felt how he pushed me to the road, I heard him scream DIE WHORE! (¬°muerete puta!), and the car almost hit me. I was so shocked that I just kept walking, police didn’t stop, he could’ve killed me just because I didn’t feel like talking