HOLLA ON THE GO: “I was so angry, confused and upset.”

I was walking alone to get my bus home from work at 6pm (broad daylight, not wearing anything revealing-not that this information should be relevant to any discourse but unfortunately always is and those are the facts) when four guys in a cab in their mid forties(I’m 25, could have been any age from the back) started hammering at the windows of the taxi stuck in traffic to get my attention and then made rude hand gestures and (after I took my headphones out) said “get in”, “sexy we all would”, “don’t be such a rude bitch”. The driver didn’t dissuade them from harassing me and I haven’t walked home that way since. I was so angry, confused and upset. No one seems to understand why when I tell them. This is because I’m clearly ‘over reacting, ‘super sensitive’ etc etc. It hurts me that not only did these men not realise I was a human with feelings and a right to autonomy like their daughters/sisters/mothers/wives/ANY FEMALE EVER but that anyone I’ve told has reacted in a blase manner, like lads will be lads or they didn’t hurt you physically did they? It’s ridiculous in this day and age that women still have to justify themselves and explain why being screamed at in the street is not a compliment.