HOLLA ON THE GO: Harassed By Two Men While Getting Into My Car

This morning, I was leaving my home to go to my car and depart for work. I took one minute to remove the dead leaves from the windscreen when two big guys walked toward me. They already catcalled me twice this month, but I think they were night-workers and maybe drunk so they didn’t recognize me. First they were polite, just like, “Hey lovely miss, do you need help with your car?” Politely I responded ” No thank you I’m late, I’m leaving.”

Then they get closer, and the first one asked directly for my phone number, and if I wanted to go for a drink just now. In my head I was thinking, what’s wrong with you? It’s 7 a.m, but I just said that I’m a married woman and I’m not interested. They began to insist, telling that I was very pretty, I should go with them, they were feeling lonely and they would pay me a lot of drinks. I kept saying “No, don’t you listen? I’m married! I’m not interested,” but they didn’t listened and get closer and closer.

Frightened, I got into my car, I put the lock and I started driving quickly. This happened 10 meters from my home. When I saw a police agent during the day and reported it, he just told me, “We can not stop people from talking to you, they have not insulted you, and they have not touched you. Right?”
They don’t have to insult you or shout at you to make you feel insecure. Now, I’m afraid I’ll meet them again in the morning and they’ll try to go further to catch me. Maybe they just wanted to scare me. Maybe they have spotted my car and are going to wait for me next tim.. I feel really sad and frightened.