HOLLA ON THE GO: Followed & Harassed on the Way to School

I was taking my usual seven-minute walk to school today. When I was close to campus, I saw a man turn a corner. He was shouting random nonsense at seemingly thin air. Everybody outside in ear shot was looking at him like “What the hell, dude?” He must have seen me looking, because he crossed the street and started to walk behind me. He started to yell “You looking at me?!” I turned my head around, and he said “Yeah, I’m talking to you. You look like a fucking slut!” (Not that it matters, but I was wearing jeans and an oversized sweater.) Luckily, I was on the edge of campus by that point and lost him in the crowd. I got to class, told my professor what had happened, and was excused to call the police and just collect myself. I called the police, then I called my mom and cried.