Harassed Three Different Times While Walking Outside Today

Days like today make me want to move out of the city and live in solitude somewhere in the country where I don’t have to be harassed DAILY, sometimes within seconds of leaving my house. I was catcalled and verbally assaulted three times today!

This Sunday is a gorgeous, sunny, breezy day in San Francisco. I am wearing a black racerback tank and stretchy workout pants. I stepped outside sans sweater to walk my dogs, which I don’t get to do often in my ‘hood. You know when you can tell someone is going to say something to you? I felt that as I approached two men talking at the edge of their driveway and sure enough, despite my headphones in, I hear a loud “good morning” followed by a whistle. The most disturbing part was that two young girls playing in the same driveway no older than 6-7 witnessed what happened. I ignored him and the rest of the walk I thought about what kind of example these men are to those girls. They will grow up thinking that behavior is normal and acceptable and I want to cry thinking about that fact as I write this.

Second incident- I decided to walk to the gym rather than take a bus and my nice walk was abruptly interrupted by three men in a pickup truck that drove by slowly and made kissy faces at me. Rattled, disgusted and angry with myself for not wearing my sweatshirt, I flipped them off and continued towards the gym.

Third incident- Walking home from the gym, proud of a solid workout and thinking about my dinner plans this evening, I walked on the sidewalk toward a man digging through the trunk of his parked car. Again, with headphones in, the man ignored my clear “don’t talk to me” signal and murmured something as I walked by. I ignored him. Then, in a louder voice he exclaimed, “Uh-oh, she’s grumpy!” Furious, I yelled “fuck you!” and flipped him off. To that he responded, “Well, that’s the only way I can get your attention, dirty hoe slut.” I continued flipping him off and hurried home. I feel so awful and don’t even want to leave my house for my plans later. I’m pissed that I let these animals get the best of me. I’m angry that I don’t say more out of fear that I might be attacked.

This is a very real problem in San Francisco and I am beyond fed up.