Week in Our Shoes: Back to Cool

Hey Hollas!

Summer is officially over as everyone across the country has gone back to school this week (the weather has been getting cooler too)! Though everyone here at HQ has graduated already, we’ve been busy bees with events, interviews, and some behind-the-scenes work in order to have an eventful and exciting fall!


This week our Executive Director, Emily May, presented at Civic Hall! During this event, she discussed why Hollaback! started and what it does. We’re proud to be involved with Civic Hall and to be able to start a conversation about street harassment with so many inspiring individuals!

Emily was also a part of a panel during the Mind Your Own Business: Cinema Against Street Harassment event. The first day of the event screened Maggie Hadleigh-West’s War Zone, which focuses on street harassment and even has West confronting those who street harass. During the panel, they discussed “what we can do to end this perverse – and pervasive – epidemic.”

Online harassment has been covered a lot in the news lately–Hollaback! and HeartMob both received a mention from Take The Lead. The article discussed how not only famous women, but any women, who use social media can face online harassment and what needs to be done to combat it.

Debjani spoke with WPIX about a possible 911 texting option for victims of domestic violence. She also spoke to Runner’s World about street harassment in both suburban and urban areas. Stay tuned with our Twitter for the video and article when they are released!

Here’s what is going on with our sites around the world:

Hollaback! London was mentioned in a speech by a club owner as one of the many resources the club used in order to make London nightlife safer for everyone. Last week, Hollaback! London also issued a statement about the new Night Tube where they offered their support and services to those who may experience harassment when using the new train service. You go Hollaback! London!

Hollaback! Alberta was featured in the Edmonton Examiner. The article discusses confronting harassment and even mentions a survey that Hollaback! Alberta conducted in 2013 “designed to study the different demographics and reasons behind gender-based street harassment.” Great work Hollaback! Alberta!


Hollaback! Vancouver participated in WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre’s Take Back the Campus: A March to End Rape Culture. This was a “demand that leadership go beyond simply writing policy and actually create a culture where sexualized violence against students, staff and faculty is not tolerated and is dealt with in just, timely and meaningful ways.”
See the video of the event here. And if you’re in the area, check out the other events that will be going on for the rest of the week!

That’s all for this week!

Holla and out!

the Hollaback! Team

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