Month: April 2014

Get Your Tickets for HOLLA::Revolution!

HOLLA::Revolution is back in NYC and it’s better than ever. #Hollarev will be held on May 27th, 2014, from 2-5pm at the New School in New York City. Tickets are running out for this year’s HOLLA::Revolution, be sure to get yours before they’re sold out! Get your tickets today!   This year’s HOLLA::Revolution will feature 12 astounding speakers, comedians, … Continued

Stephanie’s Story: Leg commentary creeper

A man followed me up the escalator and to the bathroom. He continuously commented on my legs. He kept calling them “strong.” Though he did not touch me, he was right up on my back the entire time and speaking into my ear. He dashed off when another person walked by us and then he … Continued

“The Ugly Truth” – Letter to Amanda Todd

Hi Team Hollaback, You may have read the recent news articles on CBC.CA regarding Amanda Todd, a young girl who lived in British Columbia, Canada. This 15 year old was bullied to death after an older male convinced her to flash her breasts while she was on SKYPE with him. He told her she was beautiful and … Continued

Alex’s Story: Expected to smile

Another ended badly. I was headed home from work, engrossed in a Stieg Larson novel, with my hair down, and wearing office casual. An open seat next to me was taken by a man, I’d say in his late 20’s. With the noise of the train and the distraction of my book, I didn’t hear … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Creeper calling

En una calle de poteo estabamos dos chicas hablando, yo colombiana,mi amiga vasca,se acerca un conocido borracho,y dice,os vais a liar?,tras el venia otro,bebido tambien,empezaron a vacilarnos y les dijimos que se fueran,el primero empezo a gritarme “que dices colombiana”,o “callate MUJER”,mi amiga me defendio y el empezo a llamarla lesbiana ofensivamente,mayores pasaban sin meterse,nuestra … Continued

Week In Our Shoes: Conversation Nation Edition

Hey Hollabackers! This week, Hollaback! was featured in Womenetics, Montreal Metro, Cat Call Back, Shout Out! JMU, Away She Goes, and Strike! Magazine. At the Mothership, Deputy Director, Debjani Roy, trained student leaders at the New School Social Justice Hub on Friday. And…drum roll, please…. We launched 8 NEW SITES! We are SO excited to welcome these sites … Continued

Phez’s Story: No One is ‘Asking for It’

Last night I walked home from work in the sunshine in London, an 80 minute journey. I was wearing a bobbled grey woolen (but tight) dress and thick black tights. The first man said “ooh lookin’ fiiine!” The second two men said “BOOTAYY, man check out her bootie!” The third man stared me up and … Continued