Juliet’s Story: “And please, don’t call me baby”

This story is just one of countless amounts that I have acquired over the years. I was walking home from the grocery store, which was only about four or five blocks away, which required me to walk past the local precinct on the way. As i was aproaching the intersection in front of the police station, an officer who was standing on the opposite side of the street suddenly stepped out into the intersection and stopped oncoming cars. He then proceeded to cross the street towards me. When he finally reached me, he gave me a giant toothy grin and held his hand out. He said “come with me baby” as he creepily smiled at me and tried to hold my hand as I crossed the street. (Important side note: I was nineteen years old at the time and in now way required assistance crossing the street.)

I stared at him blankly before laughing both nervously and amused. I said “No thank you” with a sarcastic smile and crossed the street ahead of him. When I looked back he was still standing in the middle of the intersection, cars waiting, staring me down with a shocked look in his eyes as if he couldn’t believe a young woman would turn down an officer in uniform. This interaction only confirmed my beliefs that police officers are creeps who expect everything to go their way just because of their job title. I resisted him arresting my walk home, but he could not resist me arresting his heart I guess. And please, don’t call me baby. All I am wondering now is, why can’t I have this power over cops when they are actually arresting me?