Week In Our Shoes: Protesting with Peace Edition

Hello Hollabackers!

This week, Hollaback! was featured in XO JaneFrench Cosmopolitan, DigBoston, Letters for Little Ones, Power Talk Radio, and WNYC.

At the Mothership, a training was held with a group of parents in the South Bronx and we toasted to safer streets to everyone at Wednesday’s Girls Pint Out Inaugural Event to Benefit Hollaback!

Here’s what HOLLAs around the world have been up to:

Hollaback! Appalachian Ohio held an art party at their first safer space, Donkey Coffee, in which the community was invited to come make art with them for their April Art show at Casa Nueva. They also screened their short documentary, On The Catwalk, at the Ohio University International Women’s Day Celebration, made art with the women at Southeast Ohio Regional Jail for their art show, and held a Self Defense workshop for the women at Rural Women’s, a drug rehab facility. Finally, they held a 1.5 hour workshop on Hollaback!, Rape Culture, Victim Blaming, and Bystander Intervention in a Cultural Anthropology class at Ohio University. There were about 40 students. Way to go HB! Appalachian Ohio!

Hollaback! Bahamas joined together with the Bahamas Against Sexual Violence and Child Abuse and Citizens for a Better Bahamas in starting this “Violence is Not Funny” petition. The petition requests that the Member of Parliament formally addresses the nation with regard to his inappropriate violent comments (mentioned in last week’s edition) and for specific action to be taken against domestic violence and violence against women in the Bahamas. On Wednesday, concerned citizens, HB! Bahamas, and the organizations they’re collaborating with, came together to peacefully protest. Also, Alicia Wallace, Director of Hollaback! Bahamas, was a special guest on Power Talk Radio yesterday afternoon.

Hollaback! Baltimore hosted an Offline Coffee & Chat to talk with some of their kick ass supporters in person and bond over a warm cup of coffee (yum).

Hollaback! Boston were asked to pen a response piece for DigBoston, a local paper they criticized for their insensitive cover art that made light of the “upskirting” issue that was just dealt with in Massachusetts. Also, their first first queer bar takeover is tonight!

Hollaback! Brussels got a shout-out in the French Cosmopolitan due to some awesome anti street harassment art that was inspired by their Tips on How to Respond to Street Harassment.

Hollaback! Edinburgh presented a workshop titled “Challenging Street Harassment, Smashing Rape Culture” at a Challenging Everyday Sexism event.

Hollaback! Polska was mentioned on Radio Gdańsk S.A. audition concerning “Manifa” in Gdańsk (its annual march celebrating Women’s Day which takes place in many cities in Poland under that name) on last Saturday evening. They have also been encouraging their community to protest against a misogynist “design” in one of the clubs in Gdańsk.

Til next week-

HOLLA and out!

– The Hollaback! Team

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