Sleepless in Seattle’s Story: “It felt good to say something”

I was walked up to the bus stop at 7:15am to head to work. As I walked up there was one women sitting alone at the far left and two men in their 50’s who were clearly intoxicated. The first man greeted me with “hey beautiful,” “want to go on a date with me sexy,” “I think you are sexy lady.” etc.

I looked at him and said “Don’t talk to me that way” and then stood awkwardly waiting for the bus because I didn’t want to be late to work.

He reacted by being defensive. “I didn’t do anything, can’t I say hello.” His friend made him stop, but they stood there until the bus came talking and pointing over at me.

It felt good to say something, usually I just look away. I also felt vulnerable and I am resentful that the other women at the stop did nothing but look away.