Sage’s Story: “Would she talk to a man in the same way?”

I’m new to Cincinnati, and I wanted to explore downtown because I heard so many good things about it. I ignored the expected “hey baby’s” and even the comment on my brown opaque stockings (WTF?).

As I walked by the downtown bus exchange, a woman (older than me) made a comment like “look at you in your fine hat.” The way she said it was remarkably suggestive, especially the way she said the word “fine”. At the time I just smiled awkwardly, feeling pretty uncomfortable.

Later I thought, Hold on, would she talk to a man in the same way? And if she did, how would he respond? I love my new hat, but now it seems…tarnished.

I don’t want people to walk down the street stony-faced, never acknowledging others around them. There’s nothing wrong with a nod or a smile as you walk by. But come on, people! What is the point of making other people feel uncomfortable on purpose?!?