Lizzie’s Story: “Was he serious?”

This is just one of the many times a guy has felt he could make a disgusting comment or “invitation” to me, but it’s the one that shook me up most. Walking home in broad daylight a guy in his mid-late 20’s pulled up in his car and said “Excuse me?” Thinking he was lost I stepped toward the car but took a few steps back (just in case).

The man proceeded to say “You look like a friend of mine. Let me give you a ride?” Was he serious? I looked like someone, so I would jump in his car?? Politely and firmly declining I started walking away.

He then yelled “WOULD BANG THAT” and when I didn’t reply he yelled “FRIGID BITCH” and slowly drove away after I ducked down a residential side street. Was holding my breath as every guy on his own in a similar car drove past until I made my way home.